Special Awards


The Hall of Fame Committee will also recognize the special contributions of people who do extra- ordinary things that make the NCISAA better. Their acts of service will be recognized at events where their contributions are felt. Plaques and other special awards will be given as a token of appreciation from the NCISAA and its members.


This award is in honor of former NCISAA Executive Director and 2010 Hall of Famer, Chuck Carter. This award is to be presented to a NCISAA Athletic Director of distinction each fall at the Athletic Director and Trainers’ Conference. This is awarded to the Athletic Director who has served for an extended length of time in the position, currently serves in that position, and embodies the NCISAA values.


Dr. Isaac B Southerland served as president of the eight man football conference keeping it vital and intact for many years. For many years Ike was the head of Arendell Parrott Academy in Kinston, NC and retired from there in 2007 to great fanfare and appreciation for his leadership in academics and football. Subsequently, the Board of Managers voted to name the eight man football championship for him. Ike presented the first trophy bearing his name in 2008. Ike Southerland also served as President of the NCISAA Board of Directors form 2004 to 2007.

2017 Honoree:
Chip Bishop – Fayetteville Academy


Ernest “Benny” Alexander was Director of Athletics at Rocky Mount Academy for many years, he also served as varsity coach for boys’ basketball. Benny became nearly legendary as sport chair and site director for NCISAA 1A girls’ and boys’ basketball tournaments. During his tenure, the 1A tournaments grew in number of participating teams and in public suppport including years of sponsorship from the Hardees restaurants base in the Rocky Mount area.Benny also served on the NCISAA Board of Managers as the CPIC representative for many years. From this day forward the 1A boys and girls championship trophies will be called “The Benny Alexander 1A Basketball Trophy”.


2016 Honoree:
Steve Lykins – North Raleigh Christian Academy


Dennis M. Cullen coached boys and girls track and cross country at Durham Academy from 1976-2015, and became one of the longest tenured and most respected high school coaches in North Carolina. He led Durham Academy to NCISAA state championships in boys cross country in the fall of 1976 and girls track in the spring of 1977. This success as a coach continued over the years with Durham Academy winning 39 NCISAA state championships in boys and girls track, and cross country during Coach Cullen’s time as coach. Included in the championships was a streak of 13 straight state championships in boys cross country in the 80’s and 90’s. Along the way, Dennis coached 193 individual champions in track and cross country. In addition, Dennis has been responsible for organizing and hosting over 15 NCISAA state championship track and cross country events. A humble and dedicated teacher and coach, Dennis has always stood for what is best for the student/athletes, and continues to effect and support track and cross country athletes and Durham Academy, and the NCISAA. Therefore, the NCISAA Board of Managers has awarded Coach Cullen with the Girls 3A Track and Field Championship Trophy and this trophy will, from this day forward, be named the Dennis M. Cullen 3A Girls Track and Field Championship Trophy.


2015 Honorees:
Freddy Johnson – Greensboro Day School
Ned Gonet – Ravenscroft School


Mike Williams Mike has been referred to as “the Historian of the NCISAA.” He has files replete with momentos, records, articles and pictures of NCISAA events dating back to the seventies. In 2008, Mike was honored by being the recipient of the inaugural NCISAA Service Award for his many contributions and service to the NCISAA. Since 2000 Mike has been partners with the association and NCISAA sports on the NCPrivateSchoolSports.com website, including reporting scores, writing articles and providing photographs, assisting with team rankings in all sports and just generally being a goodwill ambassador for the NCISAA.


Kathleen Bailey In 1985, the NCISAA made a fortuitous determination to hire its first paid employee, Kathy Bailey. Forthe past 28 years, the association has benefitted from her exceptional work ethic and intelligence. From her college days, when family took precedence over a planned career in medicine, she has devoted herself to helping others. The NCISAA has greatly benefited from her nearly three decades of work. From her unfailing helpfulness, to anyone calling our office, to countless hours assembling minutes from two separate boards, to compiling research from past decisions, to set precedence for future positions for the organization; she has proven herself to be invaluble in the development of the NCISAA. In fact, perhaps no one understands the machinations of our organization as completely as Kathy. Across the state, so many people understand that if they need assistance with NCISAA matters, Kathy will unfailingly be willing to lend a helping hand. In short, the NCISAA is a far better organization for the dedication and professionalism of Kathy Bailey.


Doug Cobbs was a teacher, coach, and Athletic Director for thirty years at Ridgecroft School. During his tenure, he taught Health, P.E., and History. He coached soccer, boys basketball, girls basketball, and softball. He served the NCISAA on the Board of Directors/Board of Managers for 25 years, retiring in the summer of 2015. He was a part of the growth of the NCISAA into 3 divisions, the inclusion of 7th graders in varsity sports, and was the Sport Chair for Softball as it transitioned from slow pitch to fast pitch. Doug always put the kids first and has always been the voice for the 1A schools. In 2015, the NCISAA honored Doug Cobbs and his career by naming its Distinguished Service Award on his behalf.


Steve Dahl was a teacher, coach, and Athletic Director for the O’Neal School for twenty-three years. During this span, Steve also served on the NCISAA Board of Managers both as a representative of his conference and as an at-large member. With his vast knowledge of golf and running, Steve quickly became the NCISAA’s go-to person for how to run the NCISAA cross country and track championships as well as the golf championships. Steve also served as sport manager for boys and girls lacrosse. Steve was also an official for several sports. This experience also helped the board forge a solid relationship with our public school counterpart and all things officiating. For his can-do attitude and willingness to take on several sport manager hats, the NCISAA Board of Managers awarded Steve with the inaugural Doug Cobbs Distinguished Service Award.


Tom Slater Tom does one thing for the NCISAA. But he does this so very well, that the NCISAA Board of Managers awarded Tom with the Doug Cobbs Distinguished Service Award. Tom, who is an Aviation Manager, serves as the announcer for the NCISAA basketball championships. Since the NCISAA combined the 1A, 2A, and 3A basketball tournaments in 2004, Tom has always been the announcer. His organization and time management of the tournament are unsurpassed. He begins the tournament on Thursday calling all the quarter-final games from 10am till 10pm. The quarter-finals are followed by the semi-finals on Friday from 4pm till 10pm. Then the championships run from 10am till 10pm on Saturday. Tom does all of this free of charge to the association. For all of his efforts and for how well he does the announcing, the NCISAA Board of Managers awarded Tom with the Doug Cobbs Distinguished Service Award.


Durwood Laughinghouse graduated from Asheville School where he played basketball and ran cross country. He became a distinguished graduate of NC State and Wake Forest Law School before practicing law in Raleigh. He is presently a Vice President of Norfolk and Southern Railroad. His love of sports has never diminished and he was quick to come to the assistance of the NCISAA in its nascent years and was responsible for writing our original by- laws. Over the years, he has produced all 10 subsequent versions. All of this, and his attendance at most of our Board of Director and many of our Board of Manager meetings have been done pro bono. He has simply donated countless hours of service to our organization. As the complexity of the NCISAA grew, he was increasingly called upon to council the Executive Director and both boards on matters of legality. While there have been several threats, the NCISAA has never been in a court of law. This is due largely to Mr. Laughinghouse’s sage advice. For all of this, the NCISAA Board of Managers has awarded Durwood Laughinghouse with the Doug Cobbs Distinguished Service Award.