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Boys baseball

SPORT MANAGERS: Corey Gesell, High Point Christian Academy
335-841-8702 x 174, gsesell@hpcacougars.org

SPORT CHAIRS: 1A: Robert Kravitz, TIC, Lawrence Academy, 252-482-4748, coachk07@hotmail.com

1A Site Director: Rob Salter, CPIC, Greenfield School, 252-230-7079, salterr@greenfieldschol.org

2A: Chip Bishop, CFIC, Fayetteville Academy, 910-868-8055 or 910-391-0901, cbishop@fayettevilleacademy.com

3A: Corey Gesell, PACIS, HPCA 336-841-8702, x174, cgesell@hpcacougars.org

3A Site Director: Ned Gonet, TISAC, Ravenscroft School, 919-369-5894, ngonet@ravenscroft.org

DATES AND SITES: 1A - May 6, 10 (or 9 if both heads of schools agree), May 13 at the site of the higher seed; and Championship best of three is on May 16 and 17, 2014 at Fleming Stadium in Wilson.

2A - May 6, 10 (or 9 if both heads of schools agree), and May 13 at the site of the higher seed; and Championship best of three is on May 16 and 17, 2014 at Fayetteville Academy.

3A - May 10 (or 9 if both heads of schools agree) at the site of the higher seed, and May 13; 16 and 17, 2014 at Ravenscroft School.

SEEDING: For 1A and 2A, each NCISAA conference with 4 or more participating schools in a specific classification will receive an automatic bid. The remaining tournament teams will be selected at large by the seeding committee - who will also seed the 12-team tournament - on Sunday, May 4, 2014 at 1:00 PM at Greensboro Day School. Schools playing in a multiple classification conferences will be eligible for selection to the tournament in their classification. The All-State Selections will be made prior to the Seeding Committee. For 3A the 12-team tournament will be seeded on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 at 1:00 PM at Greensboro Day School.

Robert Kravitz, Chair, TIC, LA
252-724-1614, coachk007@hotmail.com
John Daly, SPAA, HCA
Jeff Ayers, CCC, GCS
Charles Tubbs, SEIC, TCS
Daniel Johnson, CPIC, GS

Halifax Academy
Kerr Vance Academy
Shannon Forest Chr. Sch.

Joey Hammond, Chair, TAC, WCDS
Westchester CDS 704-609-5265
Greg Clifton, EPIC, FCS
James Galliam, MAC, WCCA
Winfred Johnson, CFIC, HCA

Asheville Christian Academy
Calvary Baptist Day School
Carolina Day School
Coastal Christian HS
Davidson Day School
Epiphany School
Concord First Assembly
Gaston Day School
Northside Christian Academy
Victory Christian Ctr. Sch.
Westminster Catawba

Corey Gesell, Chair, PACIS, HPCA, 336-841-8702 x174
Mike Hennessey, CISAA, CCDS
David Houseton, MAC, CDS
Verle Regnerus, TISAC, DA
Pat James, CAA, CS

Asheville School
Christ School
Rabun Gap School
Village Christian Academy

OFFICIALS: The host team will provide officials certified by NCISAA approved booking agents. These officials will be paid directly from gate receipts. A three man crew will be used for semi- finals and finals.

GAME BALLS: Game balls when not furnished by a sponsor should be
provided by the home team. Other necessary equipment will also be provided by the home team. A Wilson A1010 should be used.

ADMISSION: Unless otherwise specified, admission for NCISAA play-off events is $7.00 per adult and $5.00 per NCISAA student. Children under the age of eight will be admitted free. 100% of gate receipts, after approved expenses, is due the NCISAA.

1A/2A/3A RULES: First and second round games will be played at the site of the higher seeded team. In all games, the higher seeded team is the home team. Rained out games must be played on the next available playing date and will be resumed at the point of interruption. No player may pitch more than 10 innings during any consecutive three-day period. One pitch constitutes an inning pitched or an appearance. All games will be single elimination play-offs except for the championship which will be a 2 out of 3 series in which the higher seed will be the home team in the first and third games. The ten run rule should be employed after five innings.

National High School Federation rules will apply to all cases not specifically covered by these regulations. Any member school must play a minimum of 4 contests on 4 separate dates to be eligible to participate in state play-off competition.

SUSPENDED GAMES. A game called for any reason, where a winner cannot be determined will be treated as a suspended game. If the game is to be completed it will be continued from the point of suspension, with the lineup and batting order of each team the same as the lineup and batting order at the moment of suspension, subject to the rules of the game. If more than 4 ½ innings have been played and a winner can be determined, the game is over (including play off games). After 5 innings, if the visiting team scores a tying or go ahead run in their top half of the inning and the home team does not have an opportunity to bat or complete its time at bat, the game is treated as a suspended game. If a game is called prior to the completion of a full inning after the fifth inning, the game becomes a suspended game in the following situation: The visiting team has scored one or more runs to tie the score or to take the lead, and the home team has not tied the score or retaken the lead. PLAY – The sixth inning begins with score H-6, V-5. Visitors score two runs in their half of the inning. Game is called because of rain with (a) two outs in the bottom of the sixth and the score H-6, V-7 or (b) following the completion of the home team’s turn at bat with the score H-6, V-7. RULING: In (a) the game is suspended and resumed on the next possible date at the point of interruption. In (b) the game is official, with the final score H-6, V-7. A suspended game does not count against the weekly limitations in the week in which it is completed.


awards 1a 2a 3a
State Championship Trophy 1 1 1
State Runner-Up Trophy 1 1 1
Individual Gold Medals to Championship Team 20 20 20
Individual Silver Medals to Runner-Up Team 20 20 20

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