If you are interested in your school being part of NCISAA, please contact the NCISAA Office at 704.585.8686.

  1. New Member Application Process-
    • Application Packet:  In order to apply for NCISAA membership, please contact the NCISAA Business Office at 704.585.8686 or email info@ncisaa.org for information and the application packet.
    • Conference Affiliation:  Prior to becoming a provisional member, applying schools must secure membership in a recognized NCISAA conference. If unable to secure membership, the NCISAA will intervene to help find conference affiliation. On rare occasions a school without conference affiliation may be granted NCISAA full membership.
  2. Provisional Membership-
    • The Board of Managers votes new schools into the NCISAA as provisional members.
    • Provisional members are not eligible for post-season play or awards.
    • Provisional membership is typically one year, but may be extended at the discretion of the Board of Managers and/or the Executive Director.
    • The Board of Managers will then review each provisional school for full membership at the next summer meeting.
    • Full membership is contingent on adhering to the following criteria:
      1. Enrollment:
        • Enrollment of 50 students in grades 9 and above (25 for single gender schools) and/or 75 students in grades 7 and above (37 in single gender schools) is required. Once approved for NCISAA membership all members are required to maintain these enrollment standards.
      2. Sponsored Sports:
        • Provisional members must field a varsity team for the entire season in at least one sport for each gender in each of the three sport seasons.
      3. Competitive Schedule:
        • Provisional members must play a minimum of 15% of scheduled contests per season per sport vs. NCISAA full member schools.
        • If the provisional school is unable to secure the required minimum number of contests, documentation identifying schools that were contacted is required.
      4. School Accreditation:
        • Applying or re-applying schools must be accredited with the following governing bodies or an association having reciprocity with these four entities:
          1. Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS)
          2. Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)
          3. Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)
          4. North Carolina Christian School Association (NCCSA).
      5. Site Visit:
        • The purpose is to meet with leadership and evaluate facilities. A site visit is required and the Applying School will pay for expenses. Expenses are mileage, food and logging. The visiting team will consist of the following:
          1. an NCISAA employee
          2. member of the Board of Directors
          3. member of the Board of Managers
          4. a maximum of four Directors of Athletics
      6. Athletic Facilities:
        • Applying schools must have access to safe, appropriate athletic facilities to host home contests.
        • A site committee visit will result in a written document that communicates any concerns and/or recommendations regarding facilities.
        • Fields, gymnasiums, courts, surfaces, etc. must meet NCISAA requirements in order for full member schools to host state playoff contests.
        • Please note that failure to have access to fields that meet NCISAA requirements will result in full member schools forfeiting their right to host state playoff events.
      7. Meetings:
        • Applying schools must have representation at the annual NCISAA Directors of Athletic and Athletic Trainers Conference during their provisional year. Failure to meet this requirement may prohibit provisional schools from becoming a full member of the NCISAA.
  3. Full Membership Participation-
    • Provisional members will be reviewed by the Board of Managers at the summer meeting following the provisional year. Full membership may be offered at that time.
    • Once approved for full membership, all members are required to field a varsity team for the entire season in at least one sport for each gender in each of the three sports seasons.
    • Schools accepted for single sport participation prior to August of 2004 are exempt from this requirement.
    • Any school failing to meet this requirement will be placed on probation for one year.
    • If they are unable to meet the minimum requirement the following year, full membership may be revoked at the discretion of the Executive Director.