The North Carolina Independent Athletic Association Hall of Fame is dedicated to preserving the tradition of independent school athletics in North Carolina. The Hall of Fame seeks to highlight the past in order to insure a promising future for the North Carolina Independent Athletic Association. The recognition of past personalities and their significant contributions to our state-wide organization will serve to provide models for future generations to emulate.

Candidates are judged on their long-term contributions to independent high school interscholastic athletics governed in the State of North Carolina by the North Carolina Independent Athletic Association (NCISAA) or the parent organizations that gave rise to the NCISAA. A candidate’s career and personal life should reflect the commitment of the NCISAA and its member schools to sportsmanship, integrity, and fair play.


  1. New Hall of Fame classes are considered every three years.
  2. Completed nominations forms shall be due to the NCISAA State Office (info@ncisaa.org) prior to December 1 of the same academic year.
  3. Candidates can be fielded from previous administrators and coaches.


  1. The Selection Committee shall be appointed by the Executive Director of the NCISAA. The committee shall consist of representatives from member schools.
  2. The committee will have representation from the following areas:
    • Current Staff Member of the NCISAA State Office
    • Current Board of Advisors Member
    • 2 Board of Advisors Members (may be active or retired)
  3. Every effort shall be made to ensure equitable representation from all areas of the state and from all classifications within the NCISAA.
  4. Members shall serve three-year terms and initial appointments shall be staggered to insure continuity of the Selection Committee.
  5. The Selection Committee shall be charged with making recommendations for inductions to the NCISAA Board of Advisors.
  6. Names of committee members shall not be publicized.
  7. The Executive Director or his designee shall serve to receive all correspondence and field all questions relative to the selection process.


  1. The Selection Committee shall meet in January of each year in conjunction with the Winter Meetings of the  Board of Advisors.
  2. Nominations shall be considered for formal induction into the Hall of Fame during the spring of that year.


  1. There will be no limit placed on the number of inductees selected.
  2. Recommendations made by the Selection Committee, approved by the Executive Director, and voted on by the Board of Advisors shall constitute a final decision.
  3. Hall of Fame awards are presented (every 3 years) at the Annual NCISAA Athletic Director & Sports Medicine Conference.  


  1. Hall of Fame inductees shall receive a Hall of Fame plaque, pen, and life time Coaches’ Pass to all NCISAA contests. A Hall of Fame plaque will also be presented to the school that the inductee had an affiliation.
  2. Space in the NCISAA State Office and on the state website shall be set aside to commemorate the inductees.