If you are interested in your school being part of NCISAA, please contact the NCISAA State Office at 704-456-7105.

    1. New Members-
      • Schools interested in NCISAA membership must contact the NCISAA State Office, request and complete the Membership Application, and submit the $750 application fee. 
      • Once submitted, the NCISAA State Office will arrange for a campus site visit for the purpose of meeting with the Athletic Director, Head of School and evaluating facilities. The visiting team may consist of the following:
        1. An NCISAA employee.
        2. A member of the Board of Advisors.
        3. Up to four Directors of Athletics.
      • The visiting team will submit a report at the summer Board of Advisors meeting and there will be a subsequent vote on accepting the applicant school.
      • If accepted, the applicant school will be invited for provisional membership.
      • Provisional Membership-
        1. Provisional members are not eligible for postseason play or awards.
        2. Provisional membership is two years but may be reduced or extended at the discretion of the Board of Advisors and/or the Executive Director.
        3. The Board of Advisors will then review each provisional school for full membership at the next summer meeting.
        4. Full membership is contingent on adhering to the following criteria:
          • Sponsored Sports: Provisional members must field a varsity team for the entire season in at least one sport for each gender in each of the three sport seasons.
          • Competitive Schedule: Provisional members must play a minimum of 15% of scheduled contests per season per sport vs. NCISAA full member schools.
          • School Accreditation: Applying or reapplying schools must be accredited with an agency from the following approved accrediting agencies.
            • If your accrediting body is not on the approved list, contact the NCISAA State Office.
          • Athletic Facilities: Fields, gymnasiums, courts, surfaces, etc. must meet NFHS requirements in order for full member schools to host state playoff contests.
            1. Please note that failure to have access to fields that meet NFHS requirements will result in full member schools forfeiting their right to host state playoff events.
          • Meetings: Applying schools must have representation at the annual NCISAA Athletic Director and Sports Medicine Conference and applicable Regional Meeting during their provisional year. Failure to meet this requirement may prohibit provisional schools from becoming a full member of the NCISAA.
      • Full Membership Participation-
        1. Provisional members will be reviewed by the Board of Advisors at the summer meeting following the provisional year. Full membership may be offered at that time.
        2. Once approved for full membership, all members are required to field a varsity team for the entire season in at least one sport for each gender in each of the three sports seasons.
        3. If they are unable to meet the minimum requirement the following year, full membership may be revoked at the discretion of the Executive Director.