Years of Service

  1. The NCISAA will recognize Years of Service to the Athletic Directors of its member schools who have served 20 years or more.
  2. After initial recognition, recipients will be in also be acknowledged in 5 year increments for service to the NCISAA.
  3. Years of Service is determined by the total number of years as an athletic director, regardless if those years are a mixture of NCISAA schools and non-NCISAA schools. Additionally, a person’s years of service can carry from one member school to another member school.
  4. Plaques will be awarded to the athletic directors for his/her accomplishments at the Annual Athletic Director/Athletic Trainer conference each year.
  5. This information will be tracked through the annual online membership information submissions.


  • Freddy Johnson- (40 years)
  • Ned Gonet-(37 years)
  • Steve Engebretsen-(28 years)
  • Lorie Howard-(28 years)
  • Randy Johnson (23 years)
  • Corey Gesell-(22 years)
  • Chip Bishop-(22 years)
  • Steve Lykins-(21 years)