NCISAA Announces New Partnership with Hawaiian Springs Water

Concord, N.C. ( – The North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association is proud to announce a new multi-year partnership with Hawaiian Springs Natural Artesian Water, a premium bottled water company.

As the “Preferred Artesian Water Partner” of the NCISAA, Hawaiian Springs Water will receive a strategic year-long program designed to help enhance the company’s presence in North Carolina and build business relationships with member schools and their athletic booster clubs. Hawaiian Springs will receive sponsorship assets at numerous NCISAA State Championships where product will be available to student-athletes and fans.

“The NCISAA is thrilled to partner with Hawaiian Springs Natural Artesian Water,” said Homar Ramirez, NCISAA Executive Director. “A partnership that benefits our member schools, particularly the health of student athletes, is a win-win. As our Association continues its focus on the overall health of students, coaches, and communities, we are excited to have a partner that is committed to growing with us.”

In addition to being recognized as a corporate partner at State Championships, Hawaiian Springs will also attend the NCISAA’s Athletic Director and Sports Medicine Conference, which takes place annually in Concord, NC.

“Having grown up playing competitive youth sports myself, I know how important hydration is to optimal performance,” said Duane Moore, President of Hawaiian Springs Water. “The opportunity with the NCISAA could not be more in line with our mission to educate youth on proper hydration during practice and games and our passion for sports. We are excited to be a part of the NCISAA community and look forward to watching the season unfold!”

To kick off the partnership, Hawaiian Springs Water recently provided product for the 2021 NCISAA Cross Country Championship in Wilmington, NC on October 29, and will do the same for the Football State Championship games in November.

About Hawaiian Springs Water

The Hawaiian Islands are the most isolated landmass in the world, where a protected and pristine aquifer on the slopes of Mauna Loa volcano is recharged daily with wai – the Hawaiian word for “fresh water,” one of the most precious resources in the world. Its 13,000 feet of lava rock filtration allows minerals to be naturally filtered into our water, providing an alkaline pH of 7.7+ and a unique presence of silica creating a soft and slightly sweet taste – the very essence of Hawai’i.

The Hawaiian Springs‘ ohana has been cultivating this perfect product for more than 25 years. Hawaiian Springs is the only water bottled directly at its source, an aquifer world-renowned for its purity and carefully monitored and protected to retain all the untouched, natural elements. The nutrients imparted solely from nature, ideal for hydrating your body, include: Silica: 37mg/L Calcium: 6mg/L Magnesium: 3mg/L Potassium: 2mg/L, Total Dissolved Solids: 84mg/L Certified Kosher.

Our beautifully unique, recyclable bottle pays homage to the pure wonder of Hawai’i. From the gorgeous teal blue water to our symbol the delicate lehua blossom that grace the vast lava fields, we invite you to taste paradise and experience the unmatched beauty and culture of Hawai’i wherever you are.

Hawaiian Springs Water – A taste of Aloha in every sip!™

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